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Bred In The Bone Theatre Laboratory proudly announces the 5th instalment of Dreams Before Dawn Festival of Emergent European theatre at the Theatre de Menilmontant in Paris! We warmly invite theatre and performance artists and companies to participate in this year's festivities. Stay tuned here for all the latest dreams to be featured at the festival as they unravel!



Dreams Before Dawn is a festival of emergent European theatre curated, organised and run by Bred In The Bone Theatre Laboratory (Brighton) as a co-production with Théâtre de Ménilmontant (Paris). 

The 2019 edition the festival is a collaboration with Collectif A Vous De Voir in Paris.


The festival is a weeklong celebration of Europe's unique common cultural heritage that is theatre.


The festival aims to nurture the emergence of new theatre firmly anchored in a common European tradition, from St Petersburg to Lisbon, from Reykjavik to Samothrace and everywhere in between! It is supporting companies and artists who have developed or are developing their own theatre language and craft. It welcomes companies and artists dedicated to the craft of theatre and performance, in a spirit of collaboration between their diverse cultural backgrounds and emerging forms and aesthetics.


Every year it hosts up to 30 companies and individual artists from as many different nationalities. During 6 full days it boasts more than 75 events of performances, workshops, talks and passionate conversations.


The curated programme ranges from physical to text based performances, from the literal to the ludic, and it is built to appeal to all audiences. Performances are subtitled in French or English when needed.


The Festival takes place in the three venues of Theatre de Ménilmontant, and is run during the first week of July by Bred In The Bone Company and technical teams, and in collaboration with their partners in Paris


Reves D’avant L’aube Festival was established in 2015 as a result of the friendship and shared vision of the artistic director of Bred In The Bone Theatre Matthieu Bellon and the artistic director of Theatre de Menilmontant Hughes Bacigalupo. Originally, the festival was created to keep the link between UK and French new theatre, celebrating the spirit of European art. Annually, as the programme develops and the number of participants grows the ethos of the festival becomes stronger and builds itself towards establishing a multi skilled European theatre community.

Bred In The Bone is a European theater company, based in Brighton, UK.

During the last decade, Bred In The Bone has become an international ensemble of artists and theater creators committed to developing a specific actor training. More than 25 shows has been developed, performed and supported by several artistic and European centers. Its members are recognized professionals throughout Europe. The company has collaborated with theaters and institutions in Paris, Wroclaw, Madrid as well as in Greece, Iceland and Portugal.


In particular they have a long-standing relationship with the Rose Bruford Theater College and its annual Symposium, under whose auspices they have presented more than 40 performances, workshops, lectures and working presentations. This relationship with the Rose Bruford Symposium team inspired the design of  "Dreams Before Dawn / Reves D’avant L’aube» in 2015. 

Bred In the Bone devote themselves to exploring the practice of the profession of the actor and the actor-musician; by sharing their diverse artistic and cultural traditions to discover what makes their humanity common, and reveal the spontaneity and musicality of each moment. The company traces its origins back to theatre training and the Studio model, working as a multinational (French, Icelandic, Polish, Portuguese, English, Bulgarian, Greek, American, Russian) ensemble that experiments with movement, music and text.

During its ten years of existence, the laboratory has developed its own practice that shape its creative process from exploration of actor-training to performance-making.


This year 2018 is the Year of European Heritage, and while Brexit looms, we go back to our own roots in dedicating this 5th edition of Dreams Before Dawn festival to English-born writer Simon Stephens and to the theatre coming from the British Isles.

AS EVER the festival opens the curtains to Emerging European Theatre, to the community of artists who share the same passion for this art, and are dedicated to keeping the continent without walls. 


One hundred years on, we are greatly inspired by and feel indebted to the great studios of theatre of the early XXth century, and their effusion of creativity - regarding these as our roots, we look forward to emergent theatre that is once more, as it was then, embracing all other arts forms, and the totality of human experience within them. 


The festival reaffirms the radical act that is theatre making, from its roots to the emergence of new routes. Those leading to where people are driven by the same need to communicate without the filters of any screens. In a place that is not virtual but visceral, and embodied: 


There is our festival, our emerging theatre, our dreams before dawn.

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