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5 minutes with...PinPoint Theatre

Updated: May 21, 2018

There is a month and a half left until we all get to meet each other in person at Théâtre de Ménilmontant in Paris! Until that moment comes, we will be posting a series of short interviews called 5 minutes with… with each company to give us all a better understanding of the exciting international mix of artists and works that are part of Rêves D'Avant L'Aube 2018.

The first company that we talked to comes all the way from sunny Australia! PinPoint Theatre Company is based in Perth and was founded by Nefeli Perdikouli and Ravenna Bouckaert. PinPoint is primarily concerned with making contemporary works that expose and interrogate the personal and intimate, and unearth the raw qualities and behaviours that make us human. Nefeli and Ravenna are bringing to Paris their debut show If I stay up too late. It is an intimate theatre piece that explores a fear of the future, and the idea of missing a piece within oneself. It speaks to anyone who has ever found themselves lying awake at night, feeling small and overwhelmed by their search for the intangible…

Here is what we talked about.

In what ways do you think bringing your debut work to Rėves D’avant L’aube can enrich your practice as an emergent theatre company?

Taking our debut work to Paris and Rėves D’avant L’aube festival will be incredible for us in terms of enhancing our skills, and enriching our future practice.

Australia is quite isolated, and at times you can feel it in the theatre culture. On the other hand, Europe has a long history and has more countries in close proximity, so as young emerging artists, it will be great for us to be exposed to all the different influences that Europe has. Because this is a festival which will include practitioners from many different countries, it is a fantastic opportunity to experience art and meet artists from different cultures. We will have the chance to network with creatives from Europe, which has a very rich artistic culture, and create connections that will establish a base for us on an international stage.

What is the most exciting aspect of sharing your work with audiences in Paris?

We get fresh eyes on our work. We also get to see how an Australian work reads to a Parisian Audience. And, best of all, we get to come to Paris!

How does If I Stay Up Too Late address an international audience?

As a company, we are interested in what connects us all as humans on a deeper level. We are interrogating themes which are beyond which part of the world we live in and beyond cultural differences. There are some experiences that are simply human. If I Stay Up Too Late is aiming to address one of these common experiences. We hope that it is a show that audiences will relate to regardless of place.

What does European theatre mean to you and how does it influence your work?

Ravenna: As a first generation Australian, with European parents, I have a desire to connect to my history in my artistic work. Even though I have a very Australian experience, and I have lived here all my life, I want to investigate my ties to European culture more extensively and bring that into my practice.

Nefeli: Speaking very broadly, I have found that European theatre is bolder, richer, and a bit more experimental. This is something that is more out of reach and harder to come by in Perth. I hope that by connecting to European theatre I can be inspired make bolder choices in my own practice.

Other than your time performing at the festival, what other plans do you have in Paris?

Wine and cheese. The Eiffel towel. The Louvre. The Klimt exhibition. The Bhudda-Bar. The theatre workshops at Rėves D’avant L’aube. Food! People! Pictures! Art! Museums! Cycling around Paris. Cabaret. The Arc de Triomphe. Discover and explore.

We are very excited.

What’s next for Pinpoint Theatre after Rêves D'Avant L'Aube 2018?

We are aiming to prepare If I Stay Up Too Late for an independent season in Australia in 2019. We also have a couple of other ideas in development. We are looking forward to our future as a company, and hope that our experience with Rêves D'Avant L'Aube will open new doors for us and inspire future works.

You can find out more about PinPoint Theatre at:

Interview by Lilia Nova

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