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First companies to be announced!

Dear all, we are delighted to show the preview of the first six theatre companies who will participate at the 5th European Theatre Festival Reves D'avant L'aube in Paris

Here they are...

Persona Theatre Company - "Phaedra"

A multimedia exploration of Phaedra’s perennially resonant myth of passion, betrayal and insatiable thirst for life.

Athens-based Persona Theatre Company has been committed to producing visceral, passionate work, revisiting classical texts from a contemporary perspective. Our life-long ambition is to bring artists from different parts of the world together to explore different themes, and innovative performance forms. We like to integrate technology and the visual arts into our projects to build stage environments that resonate with the audiences of our anxiety-driven, globalized world.

Our work has an international scope and has been shown in Greece, Turkey, UK the United States and Iran. We’ve also run practical workshops in the UK, Estonia, Cyprus, Spain and Israel, among other places.


COSmino Productions - "Dreams Die Hard"

Questions of vulnerability, national identity, discrimination and national boundaries are raised in a personal production for our universally intolerant times.

COSmino is Rachel Karafistan (British) and Kuba Pierzchalski (Polish). Both are former actors with renowed Polish company, Teatr Biuro Podrozy and have been making theatre together since 2000. Drawing on theatre traditions from both the East and the West, their work has been described as magical, poetic and superbly imaginative. Rachel and Kuba live and work in Berlin.

Dreams Die Hard travels through many landscapes and summons ghosts from the past on a journey towards truth and tolerance. From London to Cyprus and way beyond. A personal history, delivered with empathy and humour, is told through our complex heroine, Olive. The production weaves projection with live shadow puppetry; war time politics with Brexit time politics; the drama of 1940’s London with the reality of 1980’s Runcorn.


LipZinc Theatre - "Dolly"

An insight into Irish rural life - with a twist.

LipZinc Theatre is a progressive young Irish theatre company, formed in 2016 by playwright and actress, Tzarini Meyler at the University College Dublin. Theatre group specialises in new writing that is current and provocative; visually stimulating material with a touch of glamour and girl power. The company aims to create sensory experiences that both entertain, and raise questions about the world we live in. We believe people of all economic and social backgrounds have a place in theatre and we are delighted to be planning a tour for rural and city communities in 2019. This unique play explores modern rural Ireland's deep-rooted prejudices, through humour and striking visuals. 'Dolly' is both a reflection of the harsh struggle for identity and a celebration of the unstoppable desire to find yourself, in spite of your surroundings. Anyone who has ever felt misunderstood will relate to this story and leave feeling uplifted.


DEAD PIG - "Scratched"

Seven bodies emerging, moving and enduring; the worlds gone mad and they just can’t stop dancing.

DEAD PIG is a UK based collective of LGBTQ+ artists who make innovative visual performance. The company are interested in using their unique visual/pictorial style along with new and interesting forms of untrained dance and movement to challenge a number of topics including how we define art, gender representation and identity politics in today’s complex society.

Scratched is a would-be dance performance thrown into chaos. Multiple bodies emerge, move, endure and disappear. As the choreography unfolds, the inconsistent articulation of the task is brought to the surface. This is not whole, not skilled, not dancing. Between the unified ensemble and the individual, there is a desire to dance but an inability to master it. They move together but never in time or in sync, they’re unique, they’re individuals, they’re discombobulated unity.


307 Studio - "Lear’s Daughters"

Incubator / Greenhouse/ Aquarium/ Terrarium  - We didn't choose the place to live.

Platform 307 STUDIO brings together actors and directors, young graduates of various theater schools in Moscow including actors from High School of Performing Arts (course of Konstantin Raikin - Artistic Director of "Satyricon" Theatre ), Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School and directors from GITIS (course of Sergei Zhenovach - Artistic Director of the Moscow Art Theatre)

The performance of the Russian young group who grew up in Russia, is trying to understand itself in the formed space. The performance is a study on paternity. What is it in the system of a post-Soviet person and how to communicate with this concept? The text “Lear's Daughters” (originally devised by the Woman's Theatre Group and Elain Feinstein in 1987) opens up an opportunity for the actors to ask these topical questions. Starting with a personal relationship to the father, ending with the "Father", as a system, a regime that forms the environment and us.


Coraline Claude - "Urgencie"

From the anxiety questions arise: What is my urgency? In what "state" of urgency am I? What is the urgency of each individual?

Coraline Claude, a performer trained at the Conservatoire de Bobigny and at the École Supérieure des Arts of Mons ARTS2 in Belgium, is now working in various creations mixing theater, dance and performance, in theaters and in public spaces.

Coraline Claude presents a work in progress of her new creation URGENCE-S. A collective creation she has led since 2016 and which has emerged into performance.

The action is between 2021 and 2025 or between 2019 and 2020. In a squat? a bunker? a loft? a garage? Four living beings decide to withdraw from a world that no longer suits them, in order to seek and experience their profound urgency. Some have been there for a long time, others have just arrived. They have trainings, rules (sometimes absurd), that they impose every day. Their common place of life is a space that questions reality, through poetry and the imaginary.


more to come soon!...


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