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New companies to be announced!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Dear all, we are delighted to show the preview of the next new theatre companies who will participate at the 5th European Theatre Festival Reves D'avant L'aube in Paris

Limb2Limb - "Eggshells"

One night, two actors, five characters and a Singapore sling or two….written in verse…come for the ride.

Limb2Limb’s Leah Georges collaborates with Andrew Darren Elkins to form the companies latest collaboration for Eggshells. Through on-going research, development and training Limb2Limb have created their own individual style of theatre. Using a unique mix of music, physicality and text the company captivate their audiences with dynamic storytelling theatre. A two hander, written in verse ‘Eggshells’ addresses the growing problems of anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder after a bomb going off in London affects Glen’s life more than he cares to share with Hannah. Hannah can’t take much more of Glen’s strange behaviour and her best friend Jim thinks a Singapore Sling is the answer to all their problems. As the night unfolds Hannah and Glen’s relationship, honesty and openness is tested to its maximum as the recent events in the city they love falls on top of them.

Limb2Limb have been lucky enough to collaborate with many industry professionals and gain ACE G4A funding to continue developing their work and widening their creative journey. This journey led the company in early 2017 to Fiona Harper’s ‘Eggshells’ and with her support the production has now become a focus for the company for 2019 and beyond.



Class Anatasovi - "The suitcase packers"

Class Anatasovi - is a collective of graduate students of the acting course from National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. "The Suitcase packers" is a comedy in eight funerals. Hanoch Levin's play is fraudulently simple, full of skillful games of words and

poetic allusions; it tells us about our human life - closed in its repetitive cycle.

Birth, marriage, new birth, and death (at best), because for some, between birth and death,

there is nothing but long-lived loneliness.

"The Suitcase Packers" is filled with colorful characters - gathered in a small neighborhood.

Several families mingle their lives with their neighbors, with passers-by, with tourists.

Grave-diggers are always stalking them and are ready to bury the unnecessary physical envelope of the human being.


Les Veilleurs Du Songe - "Les Naufragés"

Peter Pan et son pays du Jamais-Jamais s'éteignent, un seul espoir : quatre enfants naufragés.

La compagnie “Les Veilleurs Du Songe” a vu le jour en septembre 2017. Son envie première est de faire découvrir de nouveaux talents. Nous soutenons les créations originales, qui grâce à leur plume, nous permettrons de voyager dans d’autres univers. Le rêve est au centre de nos préoccupations. En rencontrant Pauline Helly et Marion Aranda, deux jeunes autrices, nous nous sommes confortés dans cette idée. Leur pièce “Les Naufragés” semble être un projet idéal pour lancer la compagnie. À l’abordage moussaillons, et en avant toute pour de nouvelles aventures ! ''Les Naufragés'' transportera petits et grands à travers une suite donnée à l’histoire de ''Peter Pan''. Vous y découvrirez un nouveau conte, mêlant actualité et imaginaire, jeux d'ombre et de lumière, aventure et poésie. Laissez votre âme d'enfant se réveiller et faire de l'imagination une réalité ! Enfin, nos héros rappelleront à tous à quel point il est important de rêver.

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