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Rêves D’Avant L’Aube proudly supports and backs the #SaveStageLighting campaign initiated by the ALD alongside partner organizations across Europe.

Proposed EU regulations will impose a minimum efficiency rating for all light sources (which will include stage lighting) from September 2020. These new regulations are 85 lumens per watt and a maximum standby power of 0.5w.

THE MAJORITY OF STAGE LIGHTING EQUIPMENT FAILS TO MEET THESE REGULATIONS – including tungsten fixtures as well as the latest LED fixtures.

Although theatres will still be able to use their equipment once these regulations are imposed, after September 2020, no new stock or essential components such as new lamp (light bulbs) will no longer be able to be supplied in the EU, rendering such equipment obsolete. Up until now, stage lighting has been exempted from such regulations which are mainly designed to regulate domestic and industrial lighting.

If these measures are put into law it will literally cause theatres and entertainment venues to go dark.

Rêves D’Avant L’Aube Festival will no longer be able to function as it is (no lighting, projection, or lighting control). All shows would have to be redesigned without lighting – an integral part to many productions storytelling. As it stands, there is currently no existing lighting equipment that is capable of meeting these new regulations. Virtually all tungsten fixtures would not be an option of lighting in theatre, and the much loved ETC Source 4 Lustr 2, the latest in LED technology to improve energy efficiency in stage lighting would not qualify. For example, the ETC Source 4 Lustr 2, has an energy efficiency of 26 lumens per watt. This is still 49 lumens per watt under the minimum expected energy efficiency. Stage lighting only accounts for less than 5% of a theatre’s total power consumption. In contrast, heating and air conditioning accounts for 70% of a theatres power consumption. Sustainability and eco-design are top priorities within the lighting industry, with lighting designers already increasingly using a mixed pallete of LED lights and tungsten lights, conscious of balancing energy efficiency and artistic quality. Considering all this, and the fact that stage lighting manufacturers and engineers say that there is no possibility of overcoming these challenges by 2020, due to practical limits of physics, optics and LED efficiency in the design of these new fixtures, we ask for your support to be made exempt from these regulations. Even if there was the equipment available to replace existing equipment to newer, more energy efficient lighting fixtures, it would cost UK theatres alone 1.25bn Great British Pounds, presenting significant financial challenges to all theatres in the UK and the EU. Long serving equipment in schools, dringe and amuteur venues, church halls and community centres would no longer be able to be used – closing many of these fantastic cultural centres. Existing productions would have to be remade completely to remove lighting from the storytelling of such productions. This issue is very real. Don’t sit back believing that we will become exempt from these EU laws and regulations. Help us to take action now. Production Manager Aiden Bromley:

“Stage lighting has become such an integral part of telling a story onstage. These new EU regulations will take us back a century of hard work. Considering that the entertainment lighting industry is a leading player in reducing energy consumption, these measures seem like a punishment to the hard work designers, engineers and manufacturers have achieved over the last 100 years to create outstanding and quality pieces of artistic work”.

Artistic Director Matthieu LeLoup Bellon:

“Stage lighting helps to bring the stage alive! Without it would be a real shame and would dramatically change the way in which we make theatre. Every show I’ve made would have to be restaged to accommodate the removal of lighting from my shows. This is the case for every theatre director and producer in the EU”.

How can you help?

  1. Raise awareness on social media using #savestagelighting

  2. Read about the legislation in more details at

  3. Weire to your MP and MEP to raise awareness of this issue.


"CHELOVEK" by Ksenia Sofronova at Reves D'avant L'aube 2017

"The Ship" by Bred In The Bone Theatre at Theatre de Menilmontant 2018

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